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Parent Volunteer Committments

Parent Volunteer Time

Thank you in advance for volunteering for Rosemount Traveling Baseball program. Our tournaments are an important source of revenue for our organization. It helps keep baseball registration costs low and pays for improvements to the facilities and equipment. The tournaments cannot be successful without the help from YOU!  Your volunteerism also sets a great example for our players.


For our association to be successful we require that all families support the association by working TWO volunteer shifts per registered player.

  • A $400 deposit check per player will be collected at the beginning of the season.  This check will be cashed if the volunteer requirements are not met by seasons end.  The deposit checks are destroyed when the volunteer commitment is met. 
  • It is preferred that the volunteer requirements are fulfilled by an adult.  At a minimum the person fulfilling the volunteer requirement must be 15 years old or older. 
  • Head coaches are exempt from the volunteer requirements, however assistant coaches and team managers are still required to fulfill the volunteer requirements. 
  • Volunteer credit is not given if the shift is rained out.

While great effort is taken to set the volunteer schedule in advance there are several things that can affect the final schedule, including weather, number of volunteers, city events, etc.  We appreciate your flexibility if start and end times vary slightly from the original schedule or if asked to fill a different role or at a different site than originally signed up for.  We ask that you stay for the entirety of your shift unless dismissed by the volunteer coordinator or a tournament official. 

Nancy Lipke

Volunteer Coordinator


Scheduling will be completed in DIBS via the Rosemount Baseball website. A communication will be sent via email when volunteer shifts are available for selection.  Shifts will be available for our two hosted Irish Invitationals: May 6-8 and June 4-6 and two MBT State Tournaments: July 9-11 and July 16-18.

Once a shift has been claimed it may be unclaimed up to one week prior to the event.  Unclaiming a shift less than one week prior to the event may result in the volunteer deposit being forfeited if that shift remains unclaimed.  Please contact a volunteer coordinator from the Traveling Baseball Board if short notice must be given.

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

Please see below for high level responsibilities of the types of volunteer roles we have during our tournaments.  All positions start with checking in with site coordinator at the concession stand and end with transitioning responsibilities to next shift.

Site Coordinator

  • Check-in teams and ensure they have proper documentation
  • Ensure all volunteers sign-in and know their responsibilities
  • Act as first point of contact for questions
  • Record game/tournament results
  • Work concessions as needed during peak times


  • Stock and sell food and drinks
  • Coordinate with concessions coordinator (as applicable) when stock needs to be replenished
  • Wipe down tables, counters, and clean pavilion areas as needed


  • First shift of the day, set up all fields including mounds, bases, rake, and chalk
  • After games, rake and re-chalk batter’s boxes and foul lines as needed
  • After final games of the day, remove mounds and bases, and prep field for next day
  • As trash receptacles become full, empty into on-site dumpsters