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Traveling Board

2023 Traveling Baseball Board Members

For inquires please contact our board by emailing:  

Program Director

Paul Henderson (Outgoing)

Justin Kelly (Incoming)

Vice President

Marci Plomski

Communications & Registrations

Marci Plomski

Coach Selection/ Development & Fall Ball Coordinator

Justin Dibble


Andrea Anderson

Field Scheduling

Matt Sousa

Open Position to shadow during '23 Season

Fields Supplies & Maintenance

Andy Leuer

Player & Team Equipment

Jeff Michel


2 Open Positions

Tournament Directors

CJ Van Proosdy & Justin Kelly

Open Position to shadow during '23 Season


Cayla Johnson

Brittany Charley

Player Development

Bryce Barry

Uniforms and Apparel

Becky Lowe

Website & Social Media

Jen Boike


Board members transitioning during 22-23 season:

John Japel, Mark Hartley, Nancy Lipke, Solita Tullo

RAAA Master Board Liaison

Brian Mensink

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinator
9's Marci Plomski & Jen Boike
10's Marci Plomski & Jen Boike
11's CJ Van Proosdy & Justin Dibble
12's CJ Van Proosdy & Justin Dibble
13's Bryce Barry
14-15's Bryce Barry